The Bellmore Schools utilize a report card developed by a committee of teachers, parents and administrators. The Bellmore School District recognizes the effort, development and achievement of each individual student. The rubrics for each grade-level reflect learning consistent with our curriculum. The progress report compares each child to himself/herself within grade level expectations. The rubrics reflect the method used by the New York State Education Department to measure student achievement as compared to the state standards:

4 – Exceeds Proficiency Standard: Applies and extends concepts and information accurately and independently, exceeding grade level expectations for this marking period.

3 – Meets Proficiency Standard:  Shows understanding, knowledge and skill and meets grade level expectations for this marking period.

2 – Meets Basic Standard:  Shows partial understanding and needs practice and support to meet grade level expectations for this marking period.

1 – Below Standard:  Does not demonstrate knowledge and/or basic level of skill development for this marking period.

In Math and in Reading the grade level will be noted (Below, On, Above). The special subject areas will utilize the same academic key. Work habits and social development employ this rubric:

C - Consistently

M - Most of the time

S - Sometimes

N - Not Evident