Holiday Homes Created Through Multiplication

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The weather outside was frightful, but problem-solving using multiplication was delightful for fourth grade students in Christina Colletti’s and Jessica Barrett’s class at Winthrop Avenue School.

To improve their math fluency and ability to solve word problems, the students created holiday homes out of colorful construction paper and arrays, an arrangement of objects, pictures or numbers placed in columns and rows to represent mathematical concepts. The students solved word problems and illustrated their answers with equations, pictures and bar diagrams. The information was then transferred to squares and arranged as arrays to resemble windows on their holiday homes. The students added festive decorations to celebrate the impending holiday season.

Snow Much Fun!

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Bellmore teachers are always looking for creative ways to educate students. C.A. Reinhard prekindergarten teachers capitalized on the fallen snow in December as an opportunity to teach the district’s youngest students about the elements of snow.

After gathering snow from the playground and placing it into individual containers, the students learned about temperature and how snow is different from rain based on element. They also explored their sense of touch as they made snowballs in their hands to feel the snow’s freezing condition.

The prekindergartners also enjoyed applying their art skills by painting the snow with watercolors. They learned that they could make the colors spread and even create new colors.

Magical gifts to the world

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The holiday season and the incoming New Year is always a time for reflection. Bellmore second grade students in Eileen Consiglio’s class at C.A. Reinhard utilized their writing skills to reflect on the changes they would like to witness worldwide for a writing project called Our Magical Gifts to the World. The students illustrated their poignant writing and decorated the hallway’s bulletin board for peers to read.

The students were given the prompt, “If I could give a gift to the world…”
Some of the themes included in the students’ writing were:
• No one would be poor and everyone would have enough food.
• No one would get sick and everyone would be healthy.
• There would be no more extinct animals and all animals would be safe.
• Everyone would always be honest and show integrity.

All About Owls

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An interdisciplinary lesson on owls resulted in beautifully sculpted birds of prey as second grade students at C.A. Reinhard crafted these creatures of the night during several sculpting lessons.

After reading and writing about the different types of owls and their habitats, art teacher Michelle Block integrated technology to teach the students to create owl sculptures. Using the digital application called See Saw, students modeled the sculpting steps from their ChromeBooks and on the classroom SMARTBoard. Videos served as a reference tool for students who needed to repeat directions.

After the sculptures were completed, the students displayed their creations for peers to see.

A Season of Giving

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C. A. Reinhard students have added toys to their shopping lists for children in the community. During the month of December, the students hosted a toy drive for local families and the John Theissen Children Foundation of Wantagh.

The Bellmore Rising Stars proudly displayed the toy collection in the front lobby and look forward to adding a smile to the faces of children in the community this holiday season.