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Shore Road Collects Books for Book Fairies Charity

Shore Road Collects Books for Book Fairies Charity photo
Bellmore students have a true appreciation for the accessibility of books in their newly updated libraries. Therefore, Shore Road School’s Random Acts of Kindness club, under the direction of adviser Christine Davison, collected 13 boxes of gently used books during a recent collection for the Book Fairies organization.

The Book Fairies charity collects and then donates gently used and new books to high poverty schools and organizations across Long Island, as well as nursing homes and day care facilities. Through Shore Road School’s generosity, children across the metropolitan area and Long Island will be one step closer to increasing their literacy skills.

Winthrop Avenue Steps Up to the Plate for the Needy

Winthrop Avenue Steps Up to the Plate for the Needy photo
Socks happen to be one of the most desired items in homeless shelters, so Winthrop Avenue’s student advisory council recently stepped up their leadership skills to collect 191 pairs of socks to make a dent in this need at The INN, a nonprofit organization that serves the hungry and homeless on Long Island. 

Under the direction of MaryBeth Cammarata and Debra Ammendola, the student advisory council held a competition based on the 2019 World Series to encourage students and staff to donate socks. If students and staff thought the Mets would win, they donated black socks and white socks for those who are fans of the Yankees. More white socks than black were collected, so the school will have to wait to see if the Yankees will be this year’s winner, or even contestants.

Even if the Yankees and Mets don’t qualify for the World Series this year, the students had a goal in mind and stepped up to the plate through teamwork and synergy to make a difference in the lives of others. 

‘Peter Pan’ Food Drive

‘Peter Pan’ Food Drive photo
Each class at Winthrop Avenue was encouraged this year to find ways to help the community. In conjunction with their recent presentation of “Peter Pan,” Stacey Reiner’s and Annie Craine’s third-grade combined classes decided to sponsor a food drive in conjunction with family performances of the play in March. 

Instead of collecting an admission ticket, the students asked the audience to donate a canned good for the price of admission. Through teamwork and synergy, the class collected 100 cans of food to be donated to the Bellmore-Merrick Community Cupboard, which serves more than 40 community families who depend on its services to keep food on the table. 

Continuous Improvement in Health

Continuous Improvement in Health photo
Continuous Improvement in Health photo 2
Continuous Improvement in Health photo 3
At Reinhard, the Rising Star Leaders are learning about continuous improvement in physical education.  

The students recently participated in the Healthy Plate Supermarket Challenge, where they learned that a balanced diet is important to overall health. After each physical education class reviewed the five food groups, students worked in groups to plan a healthy plate of food. However, the students had to run laps to earn funds to purchase the food at the supermarket. The students synergized and using teamwork decided what foods to select for their healthy plate and how much “Reinhard money” they needed and the number of laps required. 

Students also learned to breathe and stretch through the yoga club program, under the direction of instructor Arlene Mattos. During the four-week program, interested students participated during recess, building stamina and learning to relax and focus. 

Instructor Kristen Fonte also led the students in a fun-filled Zumba workout. Zumba is an exercise program created by Columbian dancer Alberto Perez in the 1990s, which involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. Ms. Fonte said the purpose of the class was to show the students that exercise can be fun, and many of the students took on leadership roles as they assisted in teaching Zumba dance moves.

Winthrop Avenue Students Present ‘Peter Pan’

Winthrop Avenue Students Present ‘Peter Pan’

Winthrop Avenue students demonstrated their leadership in fine arts with the presentation of “Peter Pan,” under the direction of teachers Stacey Reiner and Annie Craine. The combined cast of third-grade students delivered a flawless and entertaining production of the beloved story of a spirited and mischievous boy who never wants to grow up and the mythical island of Neverland, populated by mermaids, fairies, pirates and natives.

Ms. Reiner explained that the students started working on the play in November, focusing on the leadership principles and core values to develop life skills needed to be best versions of themselves. Many of the core values and leadership principles were incorporated into the dialogue of the script. The students were proactive in memorizing their lines and practicing their body movements, volume and intonation. The entire process taught them to synergize by working as a team, become more empathetic and how to continually improve themselves and their performances. 

“The students started off as two classes taking on their individual roles, and soon became fast friends who encouraged and looked out for each other,” Ms. Reiner said. “We are so proud of their efforts and everything they accomplished.”

Shore Road Gives African Students a Reason 2 Smile

Shore Road Gives African Students a Reason 2 Smile photo
Shore Road students helped defray tuition costs for an African child hoping to attend school in Mtwapa, Kenya. The generous students raised more than $155 for Reason 2 Smile, a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for children to attend the Jambo Jipya school and to live in the quarters of the accompanying children’s home. The students made and sold bracelets to peers and family members for their generous donation. 

Principal Patrice Matthews told the students that reaching out to the global community aligns with the important core values and leadership principles of the district’s Bellmore Stars Character Development program. “There are children around the world that don’t have our luxuries or schools in their communities,” Ms. Matthews told the students. “We want to make a lasting footprint in the world.”

During an assembly earlier in the year, executive director Donna Rosenblum gave a presentation to the student body about the school and life in Mtwapa, noting that annual tuition costs $250 per student for the 22 orphans that live there. She also showed the students photos of her trips to Jambo Jipya and of students who have graduated to become professionals due to the generosity of donors. Ms. Rosenblum also donated Patricia Newman’s “Neema’s Reason to Smile” to the school library. 

Shore Road Presents ‘Mary Poppins Jr.’

Shore Road Presents ‘Mary Poppins Jr.’

Under the direction of Randi Andersen, Mallory Aronoff and Laura Itzkovitz, the Shore Road School Musical Theatre Club’s talented cast and crew drew a packed house during performances of the musical drama “Mary Poppins Jr.” After a preview matinee for Winthrop Avenue School fourth-graders, the club entertained audiences with their rendition of P.L. Travers stories and Walt Disney’s film about the world’s most eccentric nanny and her everlasting effect on the fictional Banks family.

Each of the student-actors took on leadership roles as they demonstrated dedication and teamwork, essential elements of the Bellmore Stars Character Development Program, to make the play a success. 

The Musical Theatre Clubs also thanks set committee chairpersons Staci Kolinsky and Cathy White, costume committee chairpersons Chantel Dembo and Andrea Redican and sound and lighting director Glen Davis, as well as seventh-grade volunteers Lexi Beller, Preston Bowman and Samantha Goldberg.

Shore Road Supports Robbie Levine Foundation

Shore Road Supports Robbie Levine Foundation photo
Shore Road’s student council raised $901 for the Robbie Levine Foundation during a Valentine’s Day sale. 

The goal of the Robbie Levine Foundation is to increase awareness of the importance and need for automated external defibrillators at schools and during youth sporting events. The foundation was created to honor the memory of Robbie Levine, who died of cardiac arrest during little league practice. An AED could have saved Robbie’s life, if available at the time of his death in 2005.

On March 11, mother Jill Levine visited the student council members and collected the money raised for the foundation. Ms. Levine explained the foundation’s goals and thanked the students for their generous donation, which will buy an AED for a North Shore sports team.

Continuous Improvement of Mind and Body

Continuous Improvement of Mind and Body photo

Winthrop Avenue students honed the Bellmore Stars Leadership Principle of continuous improvement of mind, body and heart during Health and Safety Week. During the week of Feb. 25-March 4, students attended assemblies that focused on ways to make them healthier, stronger and safer.

The week started with an assembly about acquiring optimal health through keeping teeth clean. Bellmore Emergency Service personnel Paul Nelson, Cheyenne Coco, Sal Ferro, Samantha Kahn and Mary Anne Kirby then visited students to go over procedures in various emergencies. 

“The time to prepare for an emergency is not during an emergency,” Ms. Kahn told the students. “You must be prepared and proactive to keep yourself safe.”

Shore Road social worker Christine Davison spoke to students about the definition of bullying and how to diffuse a bully, and the student body also received a lesson on healthy hand washing. 

Stacey Antine’s Health Barn presentation called “Appetite for Life” provided students with opportunities to taste test amazing, healthy foods including smoothies, low-sugar cereal with soy milk, and a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep their bodies and minds strong. The week commenced with a visit from police officers Yolanda Turner and Robert Salerno, who talked about stranger danger and how to keep safe on the computer, phone and away from home.       

Toiletries for Troops

Toiletries for Troops photo
Student council members at Reinhard utilized the District’s core values and leadership principles as they collected and assembled bags of toiletries for soldiers stationed in the Middle East. Respect, teamwork, continuous improvement and being proactive assisted in their campaign to put together toiletry bags containing toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, wipes, candy, pens, pads, Sudoku and word search games, batteries and cookies. The students also decorated a card included in each of the bags to brighten the soldiers’ day. 

Teachers Amanda Kowalski and Jennifer Magliano both have soldiers near and dear to their hearts stationed in the Middle East and will personally send the toiletry bags to the troops.

Honoring Dr. Seuss

Honoring Dr. Seuss photo
For the week of March 4-8, Winthrop Avenue School celebrated Dr. Seuss’ March 2 birthday with extra reading time and fun, Seuss-themed activities.

Each day at noon, students “Stopped Everything Under the Shining Stars” to read their favorite books. In addition, students accessorized with colorful socks and crazy hats on Crazy Socks Day and Crazy Hat Day to celebrate the writing of “Fox in Socks” and “The Cat in the Hat,” two of Dr. Suess’ most popular books. Prior to going home for the weekend, the entire school participated in a Seuss Switch-A-Roo, in which teachers traded classrooms and read their own favorite Dr. Seuss books to students. 

Hats off to Reading

Hats off to Reading photo
First-graders in Angela Coogan’s class at Reinhard settled down to read Dr. Seuss books to celebrate the author’s March 2 birthday. In addition to reading his most iconic books including “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham,” the students brought in other favorites to share with classmates. The favorite part of the day, however, was making Dr. Seuss hats out of Oreos, frosting and gummy Lifesavers. The activity allowed students the opportunity to be creative as well as honed their motor skills and ability to listen to directions.

A Demonstration of Leadership in Science

A Demonstration of Leadership in Science photo

Fifth-grade students demonstrated their sharpened science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics skills in addition to their ability to apply the scientific method during Shore Road’s annual fifth-grade science fair held on Feb. 28.

In accordance with the scientific method, the students identified a problem, formulated a hypothesis and developed a method to facilitate their experiment. After the experiments were conducted, the students collected data to document their results, analyzed their findings and drew academically sound conclusions. 

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Dr. Joanne Dacek noted that preparation for the annual science fair incorporates the district’s core values and leadership principles. “They show leadership in science through working together, picturing the end in mind and putting first things first to see their experiments to completion,” Dr. Dacek said.

Principal Patrice Matthews was excited about the diverse experiments, which clearly demonstrated hard work and determination. “The science fair ties into the ideals of inquiry-based learning and provides personal leadership opportunities for all of the participants,” she said. “These are important skills for lifelong learning.”

District Honorees are In It for Life

District Honorees are In It for Life photo

The Bellmore Elementary PTA presented 12 individuals with New York State PTA Life Membership awards and one New York State PTA Distinguished Service Award during the annual Founders’ Day celebration, held on Feb. 13 at the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center. Honorary NYS State PTA Life Memberships are given to those who have made a significant contribution to the welfare of children and have demonstrated outstanding service to the school community. The Distinguished Service Award, received by PTA Executive Vice President Jeanne Yandolino, is given to previous NYS PTA Life Membership recipients who have served faithfully and shown tireless dedication to the cause and exceptional service on behalf of the PTA, children and education.

“Tonight, we are here to honor the star polishers who bettered the lives of Bellmore students,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo said. 

After each recipient was called to the stage by PTA Co-Presidents Leslie Cerverizzo and Chantal Dembo, family members filed onto the stage with flowers and hugs. Performances by the Shore Road Sixth-Grade Chorale, under the direction of Laura Itzkovitz, and the Bellmore Star Chorus, under the direction of Ms. Itzkovitz, Randi Andersen and Maria Martucci, added celebratory notes to the cherished occasion. There was also a finale performance by The Belltones, a band comprised of music teachers and Dr. Famularo.

The Bellmore PTA and school community congratulated the following life member recipients: Hally Corrao, speech pathologist, Reinhard; Patricia Castine, principal, Reinhard; Fran Bauer, teacher, Reinhard; Maria Kotanidis, PTA; Maria Galdamez, PTA; Robin Langro, aide, Shore Road; Cathy Schriver, teacher, Reinhard; Lori Schwinger, PTA; Michelle LaMagna, special education teacher, Winthrop Avenue; Johnny Bush, custodian, Winthrop Avenue; Darleen Foley, speech/language teacher, Winthrop Avenue; and Elaine Stephan, speech/language teacher, Shore Road. 

100 Days as Bellmore Rising Stars

100 Days as Bellmore Rising Stars photo

As Bellmore students entered Reinhard on Feb. 12, they were welcomed with balloons and congratulatory remarks by faculty and staff for having fulfilled the first 100 days of school. Dressed as 100-year-olds, the students spent their day strengthening their English language arts and mathematics skills with various activities relating to the occasion. Teachers also took their classes for a walk around the school to find 100 site words planted throughout the hallways.

“The students have really met the challenges of becoming Bellmore Rising Stars over the last 100 days of school,” said Principal Patricia Castine.   

In the afternoon, the students gathered in the school auditorium to celebrate the day. They counted as physical education teachers Elia Deblasio and Ari Bisk passed a basketball back and forth 100 times. They danced to a number of 100 Days of School songs, and counted to 100 by ones, fives, 10s and 20s to reinforce their knowledge and counting expertise. At the end of the assembly, the students joined together in singing the Bellmore Rising Star song.

Friendship, Love and Kindness on Stage

Friendship, Love and Kindness on Stage photo
Valentine’s Day was the impetus for Reinhard’s first Pre-K Valentine singalong in the school auditorium to the delight of parents and faculty. With love bug hats atop their heads, the District’s youngest students sang about friendship, love and kindness on this traditional day of love.

Under the direction of music teachers Randi Andersen and Maria Martucci, the students sang “The More We Get Together,” “Making New Friends,” and a “Bushel and a Peck” and even included the recitation of a friendship poem. The stage’s decorations of ladybugs, hearts and cupcakes were also provided by the students and were the result of lessons to increase the students’ fine motor skills, recognition of positional words (i.e. on top and underneath) and counting abilities (counting the hearts and sequins on the decorations). 


Creating a Chain Reaction

Creating a Chain Reaction photo

During their study of energy, Winthrop Avenue fourth-graders were presented with a design challenge by teacher Christopher Merz to create a chain reaction machine, resembling a Rube Goldberg device.

Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist best known for his cartoons depicting complicated gadgets and machines that performed simple tasks.

The students utilized their science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics skills to construct machines that transferred energy to create a chain reaction, such as opening a can of soda to make dominoes fall in a straight line.  

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