Parents Explore New enVision Math Program

Parents took part in a forum on Dec. 2 at Winthrop regarding the district’s new enVision math program.

During the evening workshop, parents received an overview of the new program, which is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, before attending grade-level breakout sessions throughout the building. The program was held to assist parents with their children’s work as they progress through school.

“We want to be able to help them help their children,” Dr. Joanne Dacek, assistant superintendent for instructional services, said. “It’s a developmental continuum and we want to make sure the transition is seamless.”

Following the breakout sessions, parents were able to ask questions regarding the program.

Shore Road Shows Talent

Performers at Shore Road pulled out all the stops on Dec. 4 for the sixth-grade talent show.

Putting their dance skills into practice, students choreographed group dance numbers to songs from Ariana Grande, Elvis Presley and Bethany Mota. In addition, there were vocal performances covering Taylor Swift, Christina Perri and Adele. Also mixed in was a comedic tribute to Abbott and Costello, as well as instrumental performances including Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Elphaba and Glinda from “Wicked” made an appearance as well when two students performed the duet “For Good.”

Winthrop Students Take a Bite Out of Science

Students in Gina Foppiano’s and Lauren McHale’s fourth-grade classes took part in a sand shark dissection demonstration. English teacher Richard Ippoliti, an avid fisherman and father to fourth-grader Richard, performed the dissections for the students.

During the demonstration, students were able to see the different evolutional adaptations that sharks developed to hunt effectively and protect themselves from other creatures. The dissection ties into the fourth-grade science curriculum in which students are currently learning about life processes of animals, their adaptations and food chains. Throughout the demonstration, students asked questions and shared their observations.

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Friendship Feast Celebrated

Every year, students in Kerri-Ann Sanpietro’s class at Winthrop Avenue return to Reinhard to enjoy a Thanksgiving Friends Feast with students in Katy O’Bier’s class. This year, the students played a game together and made a Thanksgiving snack mix where they took turns measuring and following directions. “The Reinhard students loved seeing their friends who graduated to Winthrop, and the Winthrop students were excited to take the trip to Reinhard to visit their old classmates and teachers,” said Reinhard Assistant Principal Elise Cahill.

Board Recognized

In recognition of New York State’s School Board Recognition Week, student representatives, the PTA Council, and members of the principal and teacher unions gathered together to recognize the Board of Education for their volunteer efforts and commitment to education.

During the program, held prior to the Nov. 18 meeting, two student representatives from each of the district’s three schools  spoke on the district’s five core values before a video on the core values was shown.

“Working together with all of you has allowed the Board of Education to provide our students with the best education possible,” Board President Janet Goller said to those in attendance. Speaking directly to the students chosen to represent their peers, she said, “I am so impressed with all that you are doing and how you are not only learning about your core values, but also living those core values.”

Coats for Kids from Kids

During November, students from Reinhard participated in Assemblyman David McDonough’s Coats for Kids campaign. The collected coats will be distributed to local families in need. Students donated a variety of winter coats and jackets ranging in shape, color and size. The members of the Student Advisory Council received certificates of appreciation for their assistance in organizing the school campaign.

BOE Receives Grand Ideas

Over the last few years, members of the Board of Education and central administration have invited seventh-graders from Grand Avenue Middle School to meet with them and discuss their transition from Shore Road School.

Held prior to the Nov. 18 meeting, the Bellmore alumni shared their current experiences as middle schoolers and offered feedback on areas they felt they were well prepared for, as well as areas they believed the district could improve upon to create a smoother transition from sixth to seventh grade.

To conclude the program, the seventh-graders revealed their favorite memories while elementary students, as well as their favorite teachers during their time in Bellmore.  

Students Give Thanks to Veterans

Students in Mary Willis’ library classes at Shore Road wrote Thanksgiving cards to patients at the VA Medical Center in Northport in recognition of Veterans Day. Students expressed their gratitude toward all veterans and learned why we celebrate Veterans Day in their classes.

The cards will be sent to the veterans in time for Thanksgiving.

Cirque Du Jour Comes to Reinhard

Students at the Reinhard received a special treat on Nov 13 and 14 as Cirque Du Jour stopped by to show students a variety of skills and tricks. When all was said and done, kids knew how to juggle, spin a plate on a stick and perfect the art of balance.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014