A Season of Giving

Members of Winthrop Avenue’s Student Advisory Council collected nonperishable food items and packed baskets for local families in need of assistance prior to Thanksgiving. The Bellmore Lions Club also donated holiday gift cards, which accompanied the baskets. Principal Sally Curto explained that the students, who spearheaded the endeavor, decorated and hung posters advertising the food drive, resulting in families having a warm meal during the holiday.

Reaching Out, Providing Support

In keeping with the district’s character education program, Shore Road’s fifth-grade student council members collaborated with the Random Acts of Kindness Pack Club to collect nonperishable food items for those in need prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Under the direction of RAK Pack Club advisor Christine Davison and student council advisor Jen Eicholz, the students hung decorative posters throughout the school’s hallways to advertise their cause. The result was stupendous, with burgeoning boxes of food sent out to families in need throughout the Bellmore community.

Celebrating the Thanksgiving Season


Dressed as turkeys, the preschool students at Reinhard celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with seasonal activities. Under the direction of teachers Alison Burke and Liz Haines, the district’s youngest students entertained their parents as they gobbled upon entering the cafeteria and wobbled and flapped their wings while singing  “I’m a Little Turkey,” “Turkey Trot” and “Five Plump Turkeys.”

The students then joined their parents at tables decorated with handmade Thanksgiving placemats, where they jointly worked on a turkey craft. Ms. Burke read aloud “The Thanksgiving Story Bracelet” while students and parents added a colored bead to a pipe cleaner, corresponding to the clues in the story. Everyone’s favorite activity, however, was the opportunity to taste delicious pumpkin and apple pies.      


Star-Gazed Learning

Reinhard students gazed at the night sky during a Starlab Planetarium program in the school’s gymnasium. After they climbed into the dark inflated igloo, Starlab educator Kim Kunze used a projector to portray the constellations.
During the presentation, Ms. Kunze discussed a few of the Greek myths created thousands of years ago to explain the stories of the stars. “Each has a lesson that teaches us important things about ourselves,” she said.
The students also learned that humans live in a space neighborhood with the sun at its center, and that Earth is different from other planets because it has water. Ms. Kunze encouraged the students to watch the night sky and try to identify the constellations covered in the program.

Words of Thanks to the Nation’s Veterans

In keeping with the tenets of the district’s character education program, Shore Road sixth-graders demonstrated their respect to U.S. veterans by writing letters to those who have served and reside in the Northport Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

Shore Road librarian Mary Willis explained to the students that a veteran is not necessarily an older man who served in World War II, but men and women today who have served their country in many capacities while enlisted in the military. She noted that writing letters to veterans has personal significance for her because she has visited her father in a veterans home and has seen some residents who have no one who writes to or visits them.

“Honoring and writing letters to veterans is one of the most important things we can do each year,” Ms. Willis said.

In addition to penning letters, the students watched a video titled “Honoring All Who Served” and read Margo Theis Raven’s book “America’s White Table.” Some of the students also shared their own stories about veterans they know.

Making Healthy and Positive Life Choices

Members of Shore Road’s RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Pack Club hosted Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign to raise awareness about drug use and the importance of making healthy choices.

Under the direction of social worker Christine Davison, the students discussed healthy diets, exercising an hour each day and limiting screen time. In addition, they promoted the importance of being respectful to one another.

The RAK Pack took their ideas schoolwide by placing Red Ribbon Week posters throughout the hallways and encouraging their peers to wear red clothing. Students also signed a pledge promising to keep their minds and bodies healthy and then connected the pledges to make Red Ribbon chains, symbolizing that they will make respectful choices for themselves and others.

The RAK Pack Club meets weekly at lunch. Its goal is to find ways to make Shore Road and the Bellmore community a kinder place.

Spooky Concert Sets the Tone

Winthrop celebrated the season with a spooky concert, under the direction of teacher Erica Davis. The well-rehearsed fourth-grade choral group, accompanied by dancers and student-musicians on the recorder, sang “Better Watch Out,” “The Monster Song,” “Midnight” and “Ghostbusters.” A special performance of Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Danse Macabre” set the tone for the impending weekend Halloween festivities.

After the concert, students, staff and parents joined in a singalong that included “The Addams Family,” “Oh My Monster, Frankenstein,” “Skin ’n’ Bones” and “Halloween Rock.”

Principal Sally Curto congratulated the students on their performance. “You worked very hard and it shows,” she said. “This concert had something for everyone.”    

A Parade of Book Characters


Dressed as superheroes, fairy tale characters and popular book personas, students and faculty held their favorite books as they crossed the Reinhard auditorium stage to the cheers of family and friends during the school’s annual Book Character Parade. The students posed for photos before marching around the auditorium to their seats, where they participated in a singalong. In addition to the school song, popular Halloween tunes including “Old Mrs. Brew,” “Five Little Pumpkins” and “Stirring Our Brew” set the tone for an exciting weekend of trick-or-treating.


Celebrating the Fall Season

Reinhard celebrated the fall season by hosting Octoberfest and its own pumpkin patch. These much-anticipated events provided students with opportunities to participate in autumn-themed educational activities while socializing with peers.
During Octoberfest, second-graders were divided into stations, where they assembled a scarecrow craft and estimated how many pennies could fit on the face of a pumpkin. They also colored a glyph, a picture that required them to listen to directions and choices before coloring a section, and learned how to measure the circumference of a pumpkin.
In addition, the school courtyard was converted into a pumpkin patch, where each student was given time to pick their favorite pumpkin. Teachers also took their classes to a decorative location for a photo with their pumpkins. Back in the classroom, the students engaged in pumpkin activities, which included measuring the gourds’ height and circumference, counting the number of veins on them, writing descriptions about them, and listening to stories about the fall and Halloween.

First Pitch

After being nominated by District parents, Reinhard first-grade teacher David Reilly was named Teacher of the Month for July 2015 by radio station KJOY FM. As a result of this honor, Mr. Reilly was invited to throw the first pitch at the Long Island Ducks baseball game on Aug. 23.

Mr. Reilly has been a teacher at Reinhard for 14 years and is president of the Bellmore Faculty Organization. He describes Bellmore as a special place where he has always felt great support from his colleagues and the administration. The nomination was made even more special by the amount of parent support and votes he received in winning the award.

“The best part of being named Teacher of the Month was hearing what parents said about me as a teacher and an individual,” Mr. Reilly said. “I am really touched by all of this.”

Tuesday, December 01, 2015