Third-Graders Show Off Science Skills


Third-graders at Winthrop wowed those in attendance with their originality and creativity at the annual science fair in the school’s gymnasium on Feb. 5.

Following weeks of preparations, the student-scientists showcased their experiments, held demonstrations and answered questions on their findings for Board of Education members, district administrations, parents and classmates. Each student received a ribbon and certificate of excellence for their participation.

Themes varied from crystal egg geodes, examining what drinks cause cavities, sun safety and lemon batteries, just to name a few.


Recognized for Service

As a result of his years of dedication to the school district and volunteer work as part of the Board, Bellmore School District Board of Education Vice President Jay L.T. Breakstone has been granted one of the highest honors given to a state school board member: the Board Mastery Award. As such, Mr. Breakstone was presented with a commemorative certificate from the New York State School Boards Association.

To achieve this title, Mr. Breakstone accrued 250 service points by attending various conferences, seminars and courses. He is pictured Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph S. Famularo.  

Parents Learn Positive Study Habits

The district hosted its second parent workshop on Jan. 28 to give them tools to ensure their children’s success in school.

The Study Skills Parent Workshop was designed to help parents find more efficient ways to help their children with their work after school hours. In December, the district hosted a workshop on its enVision math program.

Led by teachers and Graceann McClenahan, Lauren McHale and Christopher Merz, the program concentrated on study skills and strategies across all grade levels. Parents learned how study skills and work habits develop through the years and how they can support those habits. Parents were also taught age-appropriate strategies and skills to encourage the development and use of study skills in the home environment and how best to help their child review classroom material to prepare for tests.

Parents were encouraged to engage their children in conversations about each night’s homework topic to ensure they retained the information.

“Keep in mind what you know about your child,” Dr. Joanne Dacek, assistant superintendent for instructional services, said. “You have to see what works in your own home.”

Fun With Writing at Reinhard

Entertainer Jim Mitchell took a fun-filled approach to writing as he used comedy, volunteers and even his pet parrot Toby to entertain kindergartners and first-graders at Reinhard on Jan. 29.

Mr. Mitchell presented his interactive Writing Is Fun assembly to the students, telling them to make sure they have all the right parts to their story and know how to present it.  

The interactive program even brought the teachers to the stage to help convey Mr. Mitchell’s message. The program is designed to keep children entertained and engaged while learning at the same time.

Leaving an Imprint on School History

Third- and fourth-grade students at Winthrop Avenue School left their imprint on the school when they created music notes, drama masks and other fine arts-themed tiles, which will be used to decorate the auditorium.

The students worked with visiting artist Cathy Russell to create a “Sole Mates Mural,” which is a symbol of what can be accomplished when kids step up and work together for a common goal. Using clay and the soles of their shoes, students learned the process of building ceramic tiles while exploring elements and principles of art, such as shape, texture, line and pattern. After the tiles air-dried, they were fired in a kiln.

After the initial firing was completed, students participated in a second workshop to add color to the tiles. The tiles were painted and re-fired. Each tile will become part of a larger design, much like the tesserae of a mosaic. The design will be mounted as a mural and will remain a permanent installation in the building.

Getting Ready for Middle School


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Friday, February 27, 2015