Cirque Du Jour Comes to Reinhard

Students at the Reinhard received a special treat on Nov 13 and 14 as Cirque Du Jour stopped by to show students a variety of skills and tricks. When all was said and done, kids knew how to juggle, spin a plate on a stick and perfect the art of balance.

Math Parent Workshop - December 2, 2014


Exploring Chemistry

Students in Lauren McHale’s fourth-grade class at Winthrop welcomed Mepham High School chemistry teacher Lee Mattes to discuss physical and chemical changes in matter on Nov. 7.
Mr. Mattes, whose daughter Ruby is in the class, discussed the differences between physical and chemical changes. To showcase a physical reaction, he poured rubbing alcohol and acetone on a tile to show the difference in evaporation times.
“When you have different substances, they’re going to have different physical and chemical properties,” Mr. Mattes said. “It’s very rare that they’re the same.”
Mr. Mattes then put alcohol into a coffee can and shook it. He had a lit candle on a meter stick, and he brought the candle to the can, which caused the cover to pop off. He also discussed indicators with the students, and he stressed that labeling beakers and other items in the lab is vital to ensure safety, as is wearing protective goggles.
“He was able to demonstrate the difference between physical and chemical changes in matter for the students to understand,” Mrs. McHale said. “This will help us as we move forward with our lesson.”

Principal’s Challenge

As an incentive to her students to be successful readers, and to promote the Parents as Reading Partners program, Winthrop Avenue Principal Sally Curto performed a principal’s challenge at the culmination of the yearly PARP program. The principal learned a new talent and showcased her skills in a schoolwide assembly. This year, with the assistance of music teacher Erica Davis, she learned to play two songs on the recorder, including “Purple People Eater.”

The third- and fourth-graders at Winthrop completed PARP by reading an additional 73,982 minutes with a parent or adult reader at home.

District Hosts Health Workshop for Nassau School Nurses

More than 200 school nurses from across Nassau County gathered at Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center on Nov. 4 for an important health workshop hosted by the district. The event, which was co-sponsored by the Nassau County Council of School Superintendents, featured keynote speaker Dr. Lawrence E. Eisenstein, commissioner of health for the Nassau County Department of Health. It provided Nassau’s school nurses with important information on communicable diseases, including enterovirus D68, and other general concerns, such as ways to prevent the spread of the common cold.

The health care professionals were also provided with information on available resources, including a 24-hour hotline, how to properly communicate important health information to their school community, and the importance of teaching students proper hygiene practices in order to prevent the spread of illness. Dr. Eisenstein also opened the floor for the nurses to ask questions and share any concerns they may have.

A Parade of Characters


Dressed as their favorite characters from their favorite books, students at Reinhard participated in the annual Book Character Parade. Wearing their costumes, students paraded across the auditorium stage to the cheers and camera flashes of their families and friends before gathering together to host a Halloween sing-a-long. Under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, the students sang non-traditional, kid-friendly Halloween songs.



Reinhard Roundup


Throughout the month of October, students and staff at Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center participated in various engaging activities. On Oct. 23, students were treated to a PTA-sponsored pumpkin patch. During the seasonal event, each child chose a pumpkin to take home and decorate with their family.

Kindergarten students visited the Bellmore Fire Department to learn about fire safety. During their visits, the students learned about the importance of properly working smoke detectors and practicing fire drills at home. The field trips coincided with October as National Fire Prevention Month.

To encourage school spirit, the school held its annual spirit week. Throughout the week, students and teachers in each class participated in different theme days, ranging from School Colors Day and Pajama Day to Sports Day and Mustache Day.


Kindergarten Firehouse Visit

Pumpkin Patch

Spirit Week

Read, White and Blue

Shore Road students spent the week of Oct. 20 focusing on patriotic literature to follow along with their PARP theme, “Read, White and Blue.” During the week, students participated in various activities culminating in the creation of a living flag.

Monday, November 24, 2014