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A-buzz With Spelling Talent

A-buzz With Spelling Talent Photo 1
A-buzz With Spelling Talent Photo 2
Otto Velting was the first-place winner in Shore Road School’s annual sixth-grade spelling bee, with Hayden Schneider finishing second in the competition.

Fourteen student spellers battled it out on the auditorium stage for the title of top speller, with teachers Carolyn Acevedo and Kelly Popielaski as moderators and teachers Laurie DiMaina, Regina Harten and Michelle Stein as judges. The competition was challenging when after eight rounds and the misspelling of the word “metropolis,” Otto gave the correct spelling of “vaguely” to clinch the title.

Prior to the spelling bee, contests were held in individual classrooms, and the two top spellers from each class were invited to participate in the spelling bee on April 7.

The district also congratulates participants Jessica Blumberg, Taylor Conroy, Christopher Field, Nicole Giordano, David Greenberg, Richard Ippoliti, Gabriela Mazzaferro, Christopher Panza, Nicholas Rinaldi, Skye Saunders, Samantha Schneider and Matthew Wallace for their participation and outstanding sportsmanship.

Reinhard SAC Donates to Canine Companions

Reinhard SAC Donates to Canine Companions Photo 1
Reinhard SAC Donates to Canine Companions Photo 2
Reinhard’s Student Advisory Council presented a $300 donation to Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that supplies dogs to individuals with disabilities. During the fundraising event, students each colored the picture of a puppy and brought it to school with a donation of one dollar.  

The students also received an opportunity to meet service dogs Bamboo II, Hooley, Hubert and Tea and their handlers during an assembly about the importance of service dogs. They learned that they are trained to learn 35 commands for 18 months prior to attending Puppy College. Most importantly, the students learned that kindness goes a long way in training a dog.

VIDEO: Ukulele Club


Under the direction of music teacher Laura Laude, students at Shore Road are taking time to learn to play the ukulele during the school’s new ukulele club, which meets during lunchtime each Friday.

Guilty as Charged!

Guilty as Charged! Photo

The courtroom erupted as the jury delivered a guilty verdict in the case of The State of Virginia vs. Judd Travers, who was accused of shooting a doe while hunting out of season.

Such was the case tried during a mock trial at Winthrop Avenue by Theresa Wallace’s fourth-grade students. Not only did the students prepare for their parts as defendant, plaintiff, trial lawyers, jurors, stenographers, bailiffs and court reporters for several weeks, but invited parent and attorney Christopher Elliot to serve as the judge. Elliot presented a workshop on criminal justice prior to the mock trial, which prompted the activity. 

‘The mock trial experience is authentic, because things are happening as they unfold,” Wallace stated. “During this experience, the students have honed listening and speaking skills and have learned to craft open-ended questions, which are important life skills.”

The prosecution team won with a presentation of evidence suggesting that the doctor who diagnosed Judd Travers with severe myopia did not have a medical license after pleading guilty to writing false prescriptions. They also noted that Travers did not wear his glasses during the trial, making it unlikely he had severe myopia. 

Winthrop Avenue Musicians Attend a Day of Recorder

Winthrop Avenue Musicians Attend a Day of Recorder Photo
Winthrop Avenue student-musicians participated in the Suffolk County Music Educators Association Day of Recorder, also known as the Eugene Reichenthal Recorder festival, held at Brentwood High School on March 18. The program’s goal was to provide festival opportunities for recorder players, many who are emerging as instrumentalists.

Music teacher Erica Davis congratulates Jayden Chiu, Brenden Chiu, Grace Ham, Sean Harris, Jack Levitt, Athina Malafis and Abbey Racer for this musical achievement, as well as Cari Einbinder who attended the rehearsals prior to the festival.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Photo 1
Once Upon a Time Photo 2
Once Upon a Time Photo 3
Dressed as fairy princesses, kings and queens, farmers and more, Bellmore second-graders at Reinhard performed short plays based on the fairytales “The 12 Dancing Princesses,” “Many Moons” and “One Gift Deserves Another” (“The Turnip”) for delighted parents and peers. The plays were a culmination of workshops held by artist-in-residence Lorraine Zeller-Agostino, who taught the students nonverbal improvisational acting techniques through the study of fairytales.

“We are bringing these stories to life and have learned that there are many versions to a story by the way we transport ourselves into the characters,” Ms. Zeller-Agostino said.

In addition to reading and studying fairytales, the students learned to depict expression, emotion and choral techniques on stage. They were cast and then practiced their parts in the classroom and on stage for several weeks. In addition to learning acting techniques, the goals of the program were to provide them with opportunities to explore their creativity, learn cooperation skills, feel successful and examine the art of drama.   

Sixth-Grade Students Leave a Legacy Through Art

Sixth-Grade Students Leave a Legacy Through Art Photo

Shore Road sixth-graders have embarked on a collaborative artistic representation of their connection to the school community, as well as their impending move to the middle school this fall.

Called the “Sole” Mates Legacy Project, the students are working under the direction of visiting artist Catherine Russell to create a sail boat-themed mosaic, which will be installed on the wall later this year as a parting gift to the school. The theme for this year’s project is based on Thomas S. Monson’s statement, “We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.” 

During the final ceramic workshop encompassing the glazing process, the students painted the sailboats, which were first imprinted with the soles of their shoes to add an interesting element to the design process before being placed in a kiln. The brightly multi-colored sailboats will then be arranged in a mosaic.  

Ms. Russell explained that although the students will leave Shore Road and their gift behind, the bond they share and the pride in their collective accomplishments will stay with them as they embark on new beginnings.

Tops in Strings

Tops in Strings Photo
Shore Road School sixth grader Kayleigh Reardon was selected to attend the Long Island String Festival held at Uniondale High School in early March. A violinist, Kayleigh participated in two days of rehearsals prior to a concert with some of Long Island’s top string-musicians. The challenging program included classics like Telemann Sinfonia, ragtime fiddles and original works. 

The Bellmore School District congratulates Kayleigh on this outstanding accomplishment.

Celebrating Music in Our Schools Month

Music in Our Schools Photo 1
Music in Our Schools Photo 2
Music in Our Schools Photo 3

In recognition of national Music in Our Schools Month, Winthrop Avenue’s third-grade chorus, under the direction of music teacher Erica Davis, entertained family, faculty and peers during two concert performances on March 15. In addition, students who would participate in the annual Eugene Reichenthal Recorder Festival accompanied the singers and demonstrated their recorder skills for audiences.

Principal Sally Curto thanked the community for their support of the district’s music program. “This concert is an opportunity to show the community how important music is to us at Winthrop Avenue,” she said. 

The students sang “There is a Melody,” the Irish jig “Wee Falorie Man” and “Feel the Beat.” Recorder students accompanied the singers during “Oh How Lovely the Evening.” The concert then commenced with a sing-a-long to “Do-Re-Me,” “Agalina” and “I Love Music.” Throughout the concert, several students gave the definitions to musical terms as they relate to the musical pieces being performed.

A Study on the Life Cycle of Chickens

A Study on the Life Cycle of Chickens

As kindergarten students in Fran Bauer’s and Christine Wuchte’s classes participated in their lessons at Reinhard, the soft sound of peeps resonated from an incubator holding bright yellow chicks.

For two weeks, the students have studied the life cycle of chickens and other oviparous animals. For their study, farmers from Quiver Farm in Pennsylvania delivered 12 fertilized eggs, an incubator and supplies and an egg carton filled with plastic eggs depicting the different stages of incubation.

During the interdisciplinary science unit, students read and sang about chickens and used mathematics to calculate their approximate hatching dates. Upon arriving at school after the weekend, the kindergartners were excited to see that several of their chicks had hatched. After the completion of the unit, the chickens returned to the farm.


Shore Road Presents ‘High School Musical, Jr.’

Shore Road Presents ‘High School Musical, Jr.’

Under the direction of Randi Andersen, Mallory Cogen and Laura Laude, the Shore Road Musical Theatre Production Club’s talented cast and crew drew a packed house during performances of the musical drama “High School Musical, Jr.”      After a preview matinee for Winthrop Avenue fourth-graders, the club entertained audiences with their rendition of author David Simpatico’s tale of the ups and downs of high school life and about always needing to be true to oneself.

On stage, Richard Ippoliti played the lead as Troy Bolton with Caroline Scali as Gabriella Montez and Madison Siegel as Sharpay Evans. Announcers Gianna Bernardini (Jackie) and Francesco Pellicani (Scott) provided the comic relief for a dramatic storyline that included jocks, brainiacs, thespians, skaters, cheerleaders and party kids.  

The show’s success was also due to the artistic talents of set committee chairperson Angela Dorn, costume committee chairperson Eileen Casazza and sound and lighting director Glen Davis.

Reading Together in Celebration of Dr. Seuss

In recognition of Read Across America Day on March 2, John F. Kennedy High School students enrolled in the child development class visited kindergarten and first-grade students at Reinhard. The high school students read selections of Dr. Seuss books to the younger students.

Established by the National Education Association, Read Across America Day is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that encourages students nationwide to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.   

Not only were the children excited to read their favorite books with the high school students, the activity exhibited a community connection between the two schools and provided an opportunity for the older students to adopt a leadership position in the classroom.

A Demonstration of the Scientific Method

A Demonstration of the Scientific Method

The scientific method was on display during Shore Road’s fifth-grade science fair in the school gymnasium. The fair encouraged students to apply curricular knowledge as they designed experiments on various topics of interest. In addition, John F. Kennedy High School science research students spoke with many of the student-scientists about their research and experiments.

“Students are the ultimate scientists in that they perform the research and the experiments themselves,” science consultant Brian Wallrapp said. “The fair is also an opportunity for them to learn something they did not previously know and to encourage them to become excited about science.”

In accordance with the scientific method, participants identified a problem, formulated a hypothesis and developed a method to facilitate their experiment. After the experiments were conducted, the students collected data to document their results, analyzed their findings and drew academically sound conclusions.

‘P’ is for Pancake

‘P’ is for Pancake
‘P’ is for Pancake 2
The sweet smell of syrup wafted through the Reinhard pre-kindergarten wing hallway as Liz Haines’ and Alison Burke’s students celebrated “p” week by making and eating pancakes.

After reading and studying Laura Numeroff’s “If You Give a Pig a Pancake,” the students created an anchor chart of “p” words and hunted for items in the classroom beginning with the letter. The lesson culminated with a penguin craft, which was then placed in the students’ individual letter books for future reference and study of alphabet sounds.  

Promoting Healthy Competition and Teamwork

Promoting Healthy Competition and Teamwork

Shore Road sixth-graders dressed in college team colors and attire to challenge one another during the school’s annual Sixth-Grade College Olympics.

The students first demonstrated the democratic process by determining their college teams, which included the Penn State Nittany Lions, UCLA Bruins, Michigan Wolverines, Maryland Terrapins, Oregon Ducks, North Carolina Tar Heels and Syracuse Orangemen.

Under the direction of physical education teachers Brian Scott and Mallory Cogen, the students battled it out on the court with a game of basketball as their peers cheered from the sidelines.

“The Sixth-Grade College Olympics promotes camaraderie among the students, as well as sportsmanship and healthy competition,” said Mr. Scott.

Learning the Essence of Yoga

Learning the Essence of Yoga

As part of Health and Safety Week, Winthrop Avenue students stretched out on mats to learn some basic yoga moves. Taught by certified, Nassau BOCES approved yoga instructor Arleen Mattos, the activity was an introduction to the techniques learned in the school’s new yoga club to be offered this spring.

“This is the ultimate way to make your minds and bodies healthy and to connect with your essence,” Mattos told the students.    

Participants learned etiquette on the mat, the symbolism behind the starting bell and elementary yoga techniques. They also learned that yoga builds flexibility and helps followers to pay attention and manage feelings.

In addition to yoga instruction, the students also spoke with Nassau County police officer Sharon Galvin about technology safety and security in the community. They attended an assembly on good nutrition and healthy eating habits, as well as bully prevention. Students also learned about passenger and pedestrian safety through the AAA Program.

Reinhard Students are 100 Days Brighter

Reinhard Students are 100 Days Brighter

As Reinhard students filed into their classrooms on Jan. 15, they were greeted with balloons and congratulated by faculty and staff for having attended the first 100 days of school.

Students in Pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade then filed into the auditorium where they sang the Reinhard Song, “The 100 Song” and “One by One” to celebrate the momentous occasion. To sharpen their math skills, everyone counted to 100 by tens and fives, stayed completely silent for 100 seconds and searched with classmates for 100 words posted throughout the school.

In addition, second-grade students participated in a 100-Day math challenge by writing equations totaling 100. Many of the students also decorated T-shirts and poster boards with items totaling 100 and dressed as 100-year-old people.

New Star Pre-K Plus Program


A Practice of the Scientific Method

A Practice of the Scientific Method

It was an evening of exploration as Winthrop Avenue School third graders explored the various experiments and presentations featured at the school’s annual science fair. The goal of the activity was for students to try their hands at experiments that are safe and practical and to share their results with administrators, faculty and family by crafting a formal presentation.

Principal Sally Curto said, “the annual science fair is a great opportunity for our students to explore scientific concepts that they are interested in and to share their results with peers.”

VIDEO: Founder's Day


To the Tune of Valentine’s Day

To the Tune of Valentine’s Day
To the Tune of Valentine’s Day 2
To the Tune of Valentine’s Day 3
The Reinhard Student Advisory Council visited residents at Parkview Nursing Center on Feb. 8 in celebration of Valentine's Day. Dressed in red and pink, the 25 first- and second-graders performed several songs, including "Love Somebody,” "V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E", "You are My Sunshine,” and the "Reinhard School Song" before handing out Valentine's Day cards.

The students had practiced the songs with music teacher Randi Andersen and were well prepared for the morning. "Our goal was to spread sunshine to the residents,” Mrs. Andersen said. “The purpose of SAC is to make a difference and each one of us can do that every day."

In addition, second-grade students in Marisa DeMarzo’s class joined Mrs. Andersen on Valentine’s Day to spice up the morning announcements. The students brightened the start of everyone’s school day by singing “Love Somebody” and “V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E.” 

Love Bug Project Fosters Community Partnership

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the John F. Kennedy High School Key Club from the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District worked with Reinhard kindergarten students on a Love Bug project. The activity allowed the 25 club members to receive valuable community service hours while providing an opportunity to mentor younger students.

The kindergartners had fun decorating their red construction paper love bugs with fluffy pipe cleaner antennas, eyes and messages of love, while the high school students demonstrated important role modeling and teamwork skills.

Advisor Jessica Chilton said the high school students enjoyed working with the younger students. “The Key Club always looks forward to visiting schools and fostering community partnerships between districts,” she said.

A Tree to Showcase Random Acts of Kindness

As students pass through Winthrop Avenue’s main hallway, they are encouraged to take the time to read one of the many hearts that hang from the school’s Random Acts of Kindness Tree.

“The tree is a reminder to all of our students of the importance of showing kindness to others,” Principal Sally Curto said.  
During the month of February, students were assigned principal’s homework asking them to reflect on kindness and how it relates to being leaders. Leadership is one of the principles highlighted in the district’s character education program. The students were then instructed to brainstorm words that relate to kindness and to write their ideas on decorated heart-shaped ornaments.   

Getting Ready for Middle School


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