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Bellmore BOE Hosts a Night of Recognition

Bellmore BOE Hosts a Night of Recognition Photo

Prior to the June 13 Bellmore Board of Education meeting, students enrolled in the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center, Winthrop Avenue and Shore Road schools were recognized for achievement in school service, as spelling bee champions and for participation in the Eugene Reichenthal Recorder Festival.

In his opening remarks, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Famularo congratulated the students on their accomplishments. “You’ve proven that you are very special, and we know that there will be great things to come from all of you,” he stated.

In addition to the 56 Student Advisory Council reporters and leaders, seven students were honored for their recorder skills, under the direction of teacher Erika Davis. Winthrop Avenue student Samuel Kalish and Shore Road students Otto Velting and Hayden Schneider were recognized as their school’s top spellers. In addition, Shore Road student Tyler Bissoondial was recognized as a silver medalist in the Life Science category and as a recipient of the Naval Award for Excellence in Science during his participation in the New York State Science and Engineering Fair Broadcom Masters Division. Shore Road students Tyler Bissoondial, Nick Giannaris and Riley Fried were also honored as state and regional winners and national finalists of the 2017 eCYBERMISSION STEM Competition. 

A Friendly Track Competition

A Friendly Track Competition Photo

Exercise is an important component to Bellmore students’ education as seen in Shore Road’s annual Sixth-Grade Track Meet.

Under the direction of physical education teachers Mallory Cogen and Brian Scott, sixth-graders participated in a four-week unit to increase their skills in running, jumping, balance and throwing. At the end of the unit, the students battled it out during a meet that included the 50- and 75-yard dash, standing broad jump, long distance team relay and softball throw for distance. After each event, the top boy and girl competitors received a bronze, silver or gold medal. 

Mr. Scott noted that the activity not only keeps the students in shape, but reinforces the principles of teamwork, cooperation and leadership.  
Congratulations to the following winners:

Standing Broad Jump
Boys: Eric Isaac (Gold), Joseph Vaccaro (Silver) and Caleb Hazel & Li Lin (Bronze)
Girls: Riley Fried (Gold), Gianna Bernardini & Savannah Logiudice (Silver) and Kayla Romano & Grace Vario (Bronze)

75-Yard Dash
Boys: Joseph Vaccaro (Gold), Kyle Gokce (Silver) and Christopher Field (Bronze)
Girls: Courtney Becker (Gold), Samantha Schneider (Silver) and Savannah Logiudice (Bronze)

50-Yard Dash
Boys: Richie Ippoliti (Gold), Eric Isaac (Silver) and Nicholas Papazis (Bronze)
Girls: Riley Fried (Gold), Elisabeth LeVan (Silver) and Alexa Berger (Bronze)

Softball Throw
Boys: Christopher Field (Gold), Joseph Barzilay (Silver) and Gavin Martinez (Bronze)
Girls: Gianna Costaro (Gold), Taylor Bodt (Silver) and Skyler Poster (Bronze)


Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance Photo
Let’s Dance Photo 2
Let’s Dance Photo 3
Winthrop Avenue School students have been expanding their dance skills through a six-week dance unit with Circle of Dance instructor Theresa DiLallo. During the unit of study, the students learned Chinese ribbon dance, the Mexican hat dance, African dance moves and American dancing.

Instruction began with gentle stretching and ended with the opportunity to practice personal dance moves.

The goal of the dance unit was to raise cultural awareness of dance throughout the world and to have fun through movement. During instruction, students also honed their memory skills by memorizing dance steps and developing body and personal space awareness.

Safe Bike-Riding Skills for Reinhard Students

Safe Bike-Riding Skills for Reinhard Students Photo
Safe Bike-Riding Skills for Reinhard Students Photo 2
Safe Bike-Riding Skills for Reinhard Students Photo 3
Safe Bike-Riding Skills for Reinhard Students Photo 4
Reinhard’s PTA Health and Safety Committee arranged to have Automobile Association of America representative Mrs. Blackburn share pointers on how to safely ride a bike.

During an assembly, Mrs. Blackburn brought her puppet, Bob, and various props to demonstrate to students how to conduct safety checks on their bike, properly wear a helmet and respond to their environment and street signage.
By the end of the presentation, the students were knowledgeable about the importance of checking the air in their bicycle tires, making sure the brakes work, and adjusting the seats to a safe height. They also learned that it is the law to wear a properly fitting helmet to protect the brain.
The Reinhard Rising Stars are now prepared to ride their bikes safely in a park, on a playground or on the sidewalk this summer.

Musical Talents Shine on Stage

Musical Talents Shine on Stage Photo

The spring season was an opportune time for students at Shore Road, Winthrop Avenue and Reinhard to exhibit their much-improved musical skills during respective spring concerts.

Under the batons of orchestra director Kathy Rostholder, vocal director Laura Laude and band director Zach St. John, fifth- and sixth-grade students at Shore Road performed a variety of classical and popular tunes during the school’s annual concert featuring the orchestra, chamber orchestra, chorales, chorus, select band and band.

Winthrop Avenue student-musicians followed with a concert in the school gym with instrumental and choral selections. While the orchestra and cadet band, under the direction of Kathleen Rostholder and Zachary St. John, performed a mixture of classical and modern pieces, the chorus, under the baton of Erica Davis, performed more popular music by Justin Timberlake and Bob Marley. Dance choreography by teacher Mallory Cogen and piano accompaniment by student Valentino DeLuna rounded out the program. In addition, the Recorder Club, also under the direction of Erica Davis, performed Don Muro’s “A Touch of Spain.”  

The month commenced with a concert by second-grade Reinhard students, under the direction of Randi Andersen, entirely about bugs. The students donned sparkly antennae as they sang “Goin’ Buggy,” “The Honeybee Song,” “Inch Worm” and “Fuzzy Little Caterpillar,” and utilized glow rings to light up the stage during a special performance of “Firefly, Firefly.” Teacher Mallory Cogen provided the choreography, which included dancing butterflies, glow rings and a crawling inch worm.

The music teaching staff not only applauded the progress their students have made during the school year, but thanked the Board of Education and community for their undying support of the arts.

Making a SPLASH in Area Waters

Making a SPLASH in Area Waters Photo
Making a SPLASH in Area Waters Photo 2
Making a SPLASH in Area Waters Photo 3
Making a SPLASH in Area Waters Photo 4
Shore Road’s Environmental Club members visited students in Stacy Reiner’s third-grade class at Winthrop Avenue to demonstrate ways to protect Long Island’s waterways. The sixth-grade environmentalists have been working with the grassroots environmental organization Operation SPLASH by clearing storm drains around their community streets and writing to the town about environmental problems and issues.

The Operation SPLASH volunteers, under the direction of advisers Carolyn Acevedo and Kelly Popielaski, led the younger students in a variety of games, lessons and activities to drive home the value of being savvy environmentalists. The third-graders learned which everyday items should be recycled or placed in the trash, read “Footsie and Lunko by Michael Kruger, Ed.D., and watched a demonstration on how animals react to pollution in a salt marsh. At the end of the lesson, the students collectively played a game of environmental bingo, created by the environmental club.

Nurturing a Love of Reading

Nurturing a Love of Reading Photo
The Shore Road Random Acts of Kindness Club, under the direction of adviser Christine Davison, collected and donated 12 boxes of gently used books to The Book Fairies organization. Prior to this spring’s annual book fair, the students held a collection in the school lobby, where the donations were wiped down and categorized into appropriate age groups. 

RAK Pack members then visited with The Book Fairies representative Alyssa Kirell, who spoke to the students about the organization’s goals and the importance of volunteering, as well as to thank the students for their generous donation.

The Book Fairies is a nonprofit organization that collects reading materials for residents in need throughout the metropolitan New York area. The books assist in fostering literacy and academic success, provide a respite from personal hardships and nurture a love of reading.

Kids Feeding Kids

Kids Feeding Kids Photo
Under the guidance of Bellmore teachers Regina Harten and Jennifer Lucchetti, Shore Road’s fifth-grade student council raised $1,000 for Island Harvest during its Valentine’s Day Sale. Members collected coins in the cafeteria and sold stuffed animals and various Valentine’s Day-themed items to peers and staff.

Island Harvest representatives Barry Landsman and Linda Sotomayer also visited the students to thank them for their generosity and to educate the young philanthropists on the work being done by the organization. Landsman said the money will go to Island Harvest’s Backpack Feeding Program, which supplements meals on the weekends for children who depend on school breakfast and lunch during the week. 

Mother's Day


A Trip to the Post Office

A Trip to the Post Office Photo

Reinhard students in Katy O’Bier’s class took a trip to the Bellmore post office with faculty and parents to learn about the mail system.

Prior to the trip, the students created colorful Mothers’ Day cards to mail during their visit. They also learned how the mail system works, the job of a mail carrier and how letters, packages and bills get delivered to homes and businesses each day.

Reinhard Families Walk for Fitness

Reinhard Families Walk for Fitness Photo 1
Reinhard Families Walk for Fitness Photo 2
Reinhard Families Walk for Fitness Photo 3
Reinhard students and families slipped on their sneakers and athletic wear to join in on the fun during the annual Fitness Walk.

For the past several weeks, students have been working to better their levels during recess, and the Fitness Walk is a culmination of these physical education activities and initiatives. Principal Patricia Castine also noted that the Fitness Walk not only encourages students to exercise more, but is a great activity for the families to participate in together.

After a walk around the perimeter of the school’s secret and main playgrounds and a quick jaunt to the finish line, each student received a certificate.

A Visit with NYS Assemblyman David McDonough

A Visit with NYS Assemblyman David McDonough Photo
A Visit with NYS Assemblyman David McDonough Photo 2
Shore Road students received an inside look at how the state’s government works during a visit with New York State Assemblyman David McDonough. The  sixth-graders are learning about state government, and McDonough’s talk emphasized how a bill becomes a law, as well as how the government houses work together to govern. McDonough also gave insight into why he became involved in public service.

An Exploration of American Indian culture

An Exploration of American Indian culture Photo 1
An Exploration of American Indian culture Photo 2
An Exploration of American Indian culture Photo 3
Shore Road fifth-graders attended an in-house filed trip called Journeys Into American Indian Territory to learn about the culture of the Eastern Woodland Native Americans. During the curriculum-based event, presenters Maddi Cheers and Richie Cornacchio shared artifacts from their portable museum, told Native American tales and taught students to play Hoop and Stick and the Ball Game, popular with the Native American children.

Students learned how the Eastern Woodland Native Americans used the whole buffalo for clothes, food and shelter, and select students demonstrated how to tan clothing out of hides. The most popular part of the program, however, was the installation of a traditional teepee in the gymnasium for the students to explore.

A Celebration of Mexican culture

A Celebration of Mexican culture Photo 1
A Celebration of Mexican culture Photo 2
A Celebration of Mexican culture Photo 3
Reinhard students celebrated Mexican culture during the festive holiday of Cinco de Mayo. Foreign language teacher Lisa Goldberg organized the annual event and explained that the school’s Cinco de Mayo celebration was an opportune occasion to strengthen the students’ knowledge of the Spanish language.

During the day, students constructed and painted serapas, a Latin American shawl, out of paper bags. Rotating through four stations, the students honed their Spanish language skills through song and Latin dance, while playing Bingo, creating Mexican flags and reading about a Mexican boy’s day in school. The celebration commenced with a snack of chips and salsa.

Everyone is a Super Hero Leader

Everyone is a Super Hero Leader Photo

In addition to their core academic subjects, Reinhard students celebrated the district’s core values and leadership principles associated with leadership during Super Hero Leader Day on April 28.

Students and faculty dressed up as their favorite super heroes or wore a graphic super hero T-shirt to commemorate the occasion. They also wrote about the school’s super hero leaders, with pronouncements read over the loud speaker and posted on the Super Hero Leader bulletin board.

Principal Patricia Castine explained, “The students are internalizing the district’s core values and leadership principles and are recognizing the leadership powers they each possess.”

Art Teacher Granted Tenure

Art Teacher Granted Tenure Photo
During the April 20 Board of Education meeting, art teacher Michelle Block was granted tenure, one of the most important accomplishments of a teacher’s career, effective Sept. 1, 2017.

Mrs. Block has taught art at both the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center and Winthrop Avenue School since 2014. She has also accrued more than 400 hours of additional professional development and has been influential in preparing and selecting student-artwork for the annual Bellmore Star Arts Gallery.  

Bellmore Administrators Association representative and Shore Road Principal Patrice Matthews said, “Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the students of Bellmore.” In addition, teacher David Reilly, who represents the Bellmore Faculty Association described Mrs. Block “not only as a talented artist, but a talented teacher.”

Celebrating and Nurturing Earth

Celebrating and Nurturing Earth Photo

Reinhard students learned ways to nurture the planet during the school’s annual Earth Day celebration.

Kindergarten students kicked off the celebration with a recycled hat parade. They recited the Earth Day pledge during a gathering in the auditorium, where they sang, under the direction of music teacher Randi Andersen, the “Reinhard Song,” “Spring is Here,” “Spring has Sprung” and “This Land is Your Land.” Nassau County Legislator Steven Rhoads was also in attendance and told the students they are responsible for the planet.

“Earth Day teaches us that you have the power to make a difference in the world around you,” he said.

First- and second-grade students gathered in the auditorium to also recite the Earth Day pledge and to listen to Principal Patricia Castine’s recitation of Jane Yolen’s poem “Earth Day.” They performed several songs for including “What do Animals Need” for friends and family.

In addition to the class celebrations, students assisted faculty with the planting of flowers in the courtyard and a tree, purchased with donations from the PTA and Legislator Rhoads.

Throughout the day, the students were constantly reminded that they are stewards of the planet. They also received a special treat of ice pops from Legislator Rhoads to celebrate the day.

Newest Artworks Unveiled at Bellmore Star Arts Gallery

Newest Artworks Unveiled at Bellmore Star Arts Gallery Photo

The exemplary artwork of K-6 students was unveiled during the opening of the 2017 Bellmore Star Arts Gallery, held at the district office on April 20. More than 40 pieces of artwork were exhibited in matching gold frames, donated by alumnus James Perna. Under the guidance of teachers Michelle Block and Stephen Gorey, the students expressed themselves through a variety of media and skills sets including mask making, watercolor, pencil and more.

A welcome addition to this year’s art venue was a performance by student-musicians, under the direction of Kathleen Rostholder.  

Block said one of the purposes of the art show is “to infuse a love of the arts while showcasing students’ best works.”

In addition, Gorey said, “The Bellmore Star Arts Gallery is a nice way to reward student leadership in the arts.”

Frog Versus Toad

Frog Versus Toad Photo
Frog Versus Toad Photo 2
Frog Versus Toad Photo 3
In learning about the life cycles of frogs, Reinhard first-grade students met with science consultant Brian “Frogman” Walrapp and Tammy the tree frog, Freddy the toad and Bob the bullfrog, among others.

During the lesson, the students became familiar with the creatures’ characteristics, including the differences in the shapes of their bodies, skin texture, vocalizations and position of their eyes. For instance, they learned that toads have eyes that do not protrude from their heads, while frogs have eyes that bulge from their heads.
The students are now viewing tadpoles in their classroom tanks and are recording their different stages during their growth into frogs.
Thursday, June 22, 2017