Winthrop Avenue students are wowed by science behind Earth’s weather

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Students were blown away at Winthrop Avenue School in the Bellmore Public School District while learning the fun science behind Earth’s weather system during a special lesson on March 17.

Winthrop Winning Star Leaders enjoyed hands-on demonstrations that showed how Earth’s weather functions and is affected by environmental factors. The strength of air pressure, for example, was shown when one student found it difficult to knock a ruler off a desk when it was covered by a thin newspaper. A spiraling cone of blue water that formed as it transferred from one bottle to another also showed how tornadoes can be formed. The lessons helped grow students’ appreciation for our environment while being captivated by memorable demonstrations.

Date Added: 3/23/2023

Shore Road students become ecologists to save the rainforest

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At Shore Road School, students often don the hats of different scientists to tackle a range of environmentally-friendly goals during their regular science lab activities.

On March 17, Shining Star Leaders in fifth grade played the role of ecologists in Natural Resources Rescue, a fictional organization that is trying to restore a section of the rainforest. In order to begin thinking about the living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem, students created terrariums to serve as model ecosystems. They will continue to make careful observations about their terrariums as the unit continues.

Recently, they have also taken the role of water resource engineers investigating why a fictional community is prone to water shortages while neighboring communities are not. In teams, students designed freshwater collection systems as a possible solution to the problem. They have also acted as food scientists to learn about the particulate nature of matter by identifying a potentially hazardous food dye in a mixture.

Date Added: 3/21/2023

Magician dazzles students at Reinhard Early Childhood Center

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Mind-bending magic tricks captivated the crowd at Reinhard Early Childhood Center in the Bellmore Public School District when a magician made a special visit on March 10.

The Magic of Amore took to the Reinhard stage to perform “Extra, Extra, Read All About It!” Through magic tricks that utilized music, comedy and audience participation, Rising Star Leaders learned about the importance of libraries and reading books. Amore shared the story of his first magic show which he viewed at his local library. There, he discovered all that libraries had to offer, including books about how to be a magician.

The audience was highly engaged in the performance as several Rising Star Leaders joined Amore on stage to assist in his tricks. They could hardly stay in their seats as one of their peers was floated above a table with seemingly nothing lifting them up.

Date Added: 3/15/2023

Scientific discoveries on display at Winthrop Avenue and Shore Road Science Fairs

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Shining Star Leaders at Shore Road School and Winning Star Leaders at Winthrop Avenue School showed off their scientific research and discoveries at the annual Science Fairs.

Date Added: 3/10/2023

Students face-off at Shore Road for College Olympics

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Students dribbled, scored and ran to victory in fierce competitions during the All American College Olympics at Shore Road School in the Bellmore Public School District on Feb. 17.

Sixth graders were ready to face-off as each of their classes represented a college team. Each Shining Star Leader participated in two athletic competitions, including intense games of volleyball, a fitness relay and timed basketball shooting. Teams also made flags and posters with their team’s mascot or names, which were displayed as a backdrop to the games played in the gymnasium. Songs were also prepared and performed in front of judges. The friendly team rivalries formed strengthened the bond each student has as a Shining Star Leader in the Bellmore Schools community.

Date Added: 3/1/2023